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SCAS Consulting Ltd

Creative Solutions from First Hand Knowledge & Experience

Our team has years of experience and knowledge with various construction methods including Design & Build, Commerical Cut & Carve, Cat A&B fit-out projects.
Along with introductions for Landlords and Tenants to suitable main contractors and fit-out companies we also provide advice, management, training, & real-time construction solutions for activities ranging from client-side project management & commercial requirements, pre-construction and tender, all the way through to delivery & completion solutions.
We’ve been helping clients of all sizes to stay competitive in an industry where our years of experience, have helped us to make their business success a priority.
Our team of experts is ready to help you with your immediate and long-term requirements.
Call us today to arrange a consultation.

Specialist Services We Provide


Project Planning


Tender Received Information Review
Detailed Program Review

Commercial Review

Design Stages and Responsibilities

Drawings, Schedules & Specifications

Type of Contract/ Contract Amendments Review

Preparation & Management / Issue of LTA

Team Meeting


Project Delivery

(On-Site Reviews)

Program Reviews

Project Delivery RiskAssessments

Focus On Practical Completion Deliverables

Testing andCommissioning


Building Control Completion

Identifying & Closing Out Latent Design

identifying & Closing Out Architectural Snagging

Assisting the Management Team Towards Project Completion

Managing Practical Completion and Handover


Project Delay & Mitigation Management

Program Review

Project Delivery Risk Assessment

Identifying Cause Issues with the Management Teams

Implementation of Effective Strategies for Completion

Managing Client & Client PM Team Relationships

Mediation & Conflict Resolution

Preparation of EOT and Delay Notifications

Financial Report



Practical Completion & Commercial Closeout

Review & Reconcile Project Financials

Negotiating & Closing Out Contractor Accounts

Ensuring Contractural Obligations are Met

Review & Arrange Warranty Documentation

Review & Plan Completion of Architectural Snagging

Arrange Final Inspections & Approvals with Relevant Authorities

Preparation & Issue of Documentation to Client & Consultant Teams


Independent Project Management

Capital Enhancement, Design & Build, Refurbishment

Manage Project Delivery

Preparation of SOWs & BOQs

Negotiate, Monitor & Provide Finacial Updates

Manage Operational Team Responsibilities

Ensure Legislation, Health & Safety Standards & Compliance

Appointment of Appropriate Consultants

Manage Externa Consultants

Appropriate Fit-out Contractor Selection

Implementation of Construction Contracts

Conflict & Mediation Management & Resolution




(Clients with Suitable Fit-out Providers)

Meeting with clients to understand their specific requirements and preferences

Provide advice on design trends, space planning, and budget considerations

Act as an intermediary between clients and fit-out providers throughout the project lifecycle

Negotiate favorable terms and agreements with these providers

Assist clients in budget planning for their fit-out projects

Collaborate with design professionals to help clients visualize their fit-out projects

Implement project management and communication tools

Ensure that all legal aspects of the agreements comply with local regulations

Implement quality control measures to ensure industry standards and client expectations are met


Defect Management Solutions

Defect Identificationn & Reporting

Identifying Responsibility

Developing and Implementing Solutions

Producing & Issuing Architectural Snagging Lists

Co-ordination of Issue and Acceptance with the Relevant Teams

Monitor and Report on Progress

Negotiate with Stakeholders

Construction Managers

Other Specialist Services We Provide


Courses & Training for CPD 

An Introduction To Defect Management In Construction


Contact Us For More Information & Our Next Course Dates


Engineers and Businesspeople


Courses & Training for CPD 

An Introduction To Site Management In Construction 


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