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SCAS Consulting Ltd

Sustainability Through Design Mitigation & Performance Specification


S.C.A.S provides practical advice and solutions for improved building performance and optimization. We do this with the adoption and implementation of software, hardware, and energy reduction solutions that will benefit our client's corporate sustainability and carbon reduction goals.


We specifically target EN15978 operational carbon and embodied carbon. We address Scope 1,2,3 sustainability. This is done through validations and information gathering to provide clients with several options from retrofitting and repurposing HVAC equipment and system accessories to the implementation of energy-efficient IBMS systems. Our innovative and uncomplicated approach ensures that manufactured lifespans can be utilized in more and more project applications and that a building's whole lifecycle carbon is significantly reduced.

We are happy to discuss how we can help you enhance your corporate legacy, by transitioning towards a more sustainable future.


EN15978 & Scope 1-2-3


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Our Sustainability Goals are aligned with:

The UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals

The CIOB Environmental Sustainability Action Plan 2024-2028

University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership

Efficiency: Achieving more with the same or less resources.
Durability: Preventing or reducing obsolescence.
Longevity: Increasing the lifespan of the products.
Dematerialization: Using less to deliver the same functionality.
Effectiveness: Solutions that add value in sustainability.
Substitution: Replacing harmful or depleted resources.
Mitigation: Technological change & substitution to reduce resource inputs.
Adaption: Innovation to reduce the vulnerability of natural & human systems.
Flexibility: Integration with existing systems for improved performance.

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CIOB - Chartered Building Consultancy

Independent Validations & Information Gathering

SCAS Consulting Ltd

Services  System Performance Optimisation

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Intelligent Building Managemement Systems


Energy Switching & Enegry Reduction


Sustainable Solutions

Building Management Teams

Our expertise lies in optimizing performance through strategic system interventions, enabling substantial energy savings while prolonging equipment lifecycles.

Main Contractors & Fitout Providers

We collaborate seamlessly, offering turnkey solutions that harmonize with existing infrastructures, streamlining project execution and ensuring long-term operational efficiencies.

Project Management Teams

Project management teams can leverage our knowledge  to optimize performance through strategic retrofits and system integrations, enabling substantial operational efficiencies while aligning with sustainability objectives.

Building Landlords

Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, we revitalize aging assets, mitigating obsolescence risks and enhancing property marketability through sustainability credentials.

Commercial Tenants

Delivery of tangible bottom-line benefits through meticulously engineered interventions that optimize resource utilization, reduce environmental footprints, and drive operational cost efficiencies.

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